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Fuji reported to be working on XF 150-600mm super-telephoto zoom lens

Fuji’s mirrorless lineup has been around for long enough now that the lens lineup is pretty well fleshed out. Despite the lack of 3rd party manufacturers (although Sigma’s rumoured to be working on it), Fuji’s managed to do quite well on its own to meet the needs of their customers. But there are some gaps. […]

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Images of Fuji’s new GF80mm, XF27mm and XF70-300mm lenses leak ahead of official announcement

Fujifilm has announced that their upcoming Fujifilm X Summit is happening on January 27th at 1pm GMT. At the X Summit, Fuji is expected to announce their new 102-megapixel Fujifilm GFX100S camera, along with three new lenses; the GF80mm, XF70mm and XF70-300mm. There hasn’t been a whole lot of info leaked about any of the […]

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Irix teases upcoming f/2.8 or faster medium format lens for Fuji GFX

Well, this is an odd one. Instead of continuing their full-frame lineup and adding to their existing range of 11mm, 15mm, 45mm and 150mm lenses, it appears that lens manufacturer IRIX has decided to take a break and has chosen to pursue medium format. A new teaser video was posted to the Irix YouTube channel, […]

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Fujifilm launches Fujinon Premista 19-45mm T2.9


Fujifilm has announced the Premista 19-45mm T2.9, a wide-angle zoom covering focal lengths from 19mm to 45mm, will be released on 28 January 2021. It is the third model to join the Premista Series of cinema zoom lenses along with the Premista 28-100mm T2.9 and the Premista 80-250mm T2.9-3.5.

The Premista 19-45mm covers Large-Format sensors*1 and delivers outstanding high resolution, natural and beautiful bokeh, and rich tonality. It is a compact and premium-quality wide-angle zoom lens, developed with Fujifilm’s optical technology nurtured over many years. It effectively controls distortion to deliver natural images with little distortion across the entire zoom range.

Fujifilm continues to support high-quality movie production by widening the range of focal lengths covered by the Premista series to 19-250mm.

Large Format shooting on the rise
In recent years, there has been an increased uptake of cinema cameras equipped with Large-Format sensors capable of capturing high-quality and richly-expressive images. Many productions choose to shoot with Prime lenses for many reasons, one of which is the outstanding optical performance. However, when shooting with prime lenses, it is often necessary to pause shooting in order to change the focal length. Therefore there is a growing demand for zoom lenses to help complement, and in some cases even replace, prime lenses without compromising image quality or cinematic character.

In 2019, Fujifilm released both a standard and telephoto zoom lenses as part of the Premista Series of zoom lenses for Large-Format cameras. The series has been praised by cinematographers for its natural colour reproduction, strong contrast, beautiful bokeh and gentle focus fall-off throughout all focal lengths, as well as the wide range of focal lengths itself.

Compatible with Large-Format sensors to deliver outstanding high resolution, natural and beautiful bokeh and rich tonality
• By featuring large-diameter aspherical lens elements polished to ultimate precision and Fujifilm’s unique zooming system, the Premista 19-45mm effectively corrects chromatic aberration to create images with impressive sharpness and clarity.
• The lens effectively reduces distortion, which tends to occur when shooting at wide-angle focal lengths, to achieve natural scenes regardless of the subject distance.
• The 13-blade iris design forms a near-perfect circular aperture that produces natural and beautiful bokeh with gentle focus fall-off
• The use of cutting-edge optical design and Fujifilm’s unique coating process allows minimal ghosts, controllable and cinematic flares and excellent black levels for SDR and HDR workflows.

Wide-angle zoom covering focal lengths from 19mm to 45mm
• The Premista 19-45mm covers strategic focal lengths equivalent to five prime lenses thereby reducing the need to change a lens for fast and efficient shooting with no rebalancing. The intentional focal length overlap with the Premista 28-100 allows this lens to be more than just a wide lens – it becomes the go-to close up lens for many hand-held stabilised shooting setups..
• At 19mm, when used on an ARRI Alexa LF/Mini LF, it gives approximately the same horizontal angle of view that a 13mm lens would give on Super-35 3-perf film.
• The Premista 19-45 allows for a constant T-stop value of 2.9 across its focal length range.
• The lens can form a kit with the Premista Series’ standard and telephoto zooms to cover focal
lengths from 19mm to 250mm.

Compact design and excellent robustness
• The use of proprietary optical simulation technology and mechanical design technology enables a compact yet robust lens body measuring 228mm / 9” and weighing 3.3kg / 7.3lb that can withstand harsh professional shooting conditions.

Excellent operability
• The Premista 19-45mm shares the same front diameter and gear position for the focus, zoom and iris operating rings as the other two Premista zooms. This allows the shared use of accessories
such as matte boxes and follow-focus systems, without the need to re-adjust accessory positions when swapping lenses.
• It features a Flange Focal Distance adjustment mechanism, allowing technicians to easily adjust the flange
focal distance by unlocking and rotating a ring on the lens barrel to correct shifts in the flange focal distance sometimes caused by rapid temperature changes.
• The focus ring has a wide rotation angle of 280 degrees and gives smooth torque during rotation for precise focusing and excellent operability. Fluorescent paint is applied to index marks on the focus, zoom and iris rings so that these settings can be visibly checked even at night or in a dark room.

Compatible with the ZEISS eXtended Data
• Along with the 28-100 and 80-250 lenses, the 19-45 lens also supports “ZEISS eXtended Data”, developed by Carl Zeiss in compliance with the “/i® Technology*6” communication protocol. This allows users to record metadata during video shooting, including lens distortion and shading fall-off, thereby reducing video-editing workload in post-production and facilitating efficient video production.

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Fujifilm abandons PRO 400H film in both 35mm and 120 formats

Fujifilm has announced that it is ending production of both 35mm and 120 format versions of its PRO 400H colour negative film. In a notice posted to the Fujifilm website, Fuji says that it has become “increasingly difficult to procure the raw materials needed to produce PRO 400H”, so they’ve decided to drop it. It […]

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The price of Capture One for Sony, Fuji and Nikon has indeed gone up from $129 to $199

A few days ago, an apparently leaked press release from Capture One indicated that the price of their software would be going up. And now, it’s official. The prices of Capture One for Sony, Fuji and Nikon have all increased from their previous price of $129 up to a $199 – a whopping 54% increase. […]

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Canon R5 Nabs Top-Selling Camera of December, Nikon Z7 II in Second Place

MapCamera, one of Japan’s leading camera retailers, has published its top 10 sales for new and used digital cameras in December of 2020. The top slot for new cameras was claimed by Canon for its R5, while Nikon’s Z7 II entered the ranking at number two. The Fujifilm X-S10 was third.

MapCamera had been tracking camera sales all year and says that for the six months that the Canon R5 had been available, December marked the first time it took the top slot due to an influx of available stock. Japan retailers have had difficulty keeping the R5 on store shelves due to limited quantities, and while there was a large dump of product given to retailers in December, MapCamera says that by no means is the short supply over.

“The reality is that it is still in short supply and has not been distributed to all the people who ordered it,” the company writes.

Released on December 11, the Nikon Z7 II soared up the rankings despite being unavailable for nearly two weeks of the month. These numbers are encouraging, and even more so given that MapCamera states that stock of the Z7 II is “abundant,” and many people were able to simply walk into a store and buy one without any pre-orders or reservations.

The Fujifilm X-S10 was November’s top-selling camera according to the retailer and fell two slots to number three. Map Camera says no one should be worried, however, as the camera is still quite popular and high-performing for its price.

Below is the full ranking:

  1. Canon EOS R5
  2. Nikon Z7 II
  3. Fujifilm X-S10
  4. Sony a7S III
  5. Sony a7C
  6. Nikon Z6 II
  7. Canon EOS R6
  8. Fujifilm X-T4
  9. Sony a7 III
  10. Panasonic Lumix S5

In addition to new camera sales, MapCamera also tracks top-selling used cameras. The Sony a7 III, Canon EOS R, and Nikon Z6 are repeat winners, as the top three models remain unchanged month over month.

Of note, the Sony a7 III has continued to be popular, winning top used camera sales six times in 2020. MapCamera says that the EOS R was on pace to unseat the a7 III, but Canon’s issues with stock have made purchasing lenses and adapters difficult, and those who would have bought the EOS R have passed on it because of lack of stock.

“In 2021, Canon’s productivity is likely to drive the rankings,” the retailer writes.

Below is the full used camera ranking:

  1. Sony a7 III
  2. Canon EOS R
  3. Nikon Z6
  4. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
  5. Sony a6400
  6. Sony a7R III
  7. Sony a7 II
  8. Fujifilm X-T3
  9. Nikon D750
  10. Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II

MapCamera says that 2020 was, overall, a tough year for the camera market. The data does not disagree as BCN, another Japanese retailer, has noted that 2020 saw a 40% dip in camera sales on the year.

(via Map Camera Times)

Capture One to increase prices by up to 54% on plans and perpetual licenses

According to a report on PhotoRumors, the folks at CaptureOne are about to significantly bump their perpetual license cost for Capture One for Nikon, Fuji and Sony from $129 up to a whopping $199 with monthly subscription starting prices (for the annual-but-still-monthly-non-prepaid-deal) going up from $9.99/mo to $14/mo. The information comes from what appears to […]

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Fuji’s GFX 100S announcement coming on January 27th? Price expected to be $5,999

There isn’t a lot of information on this one yet, but Fujifilm is expected to possibly be making an announcement on January 27th for the new Fuji GFX 100S. Probably the most surprising thing about it, though, will be the price, which is anticipated to be a relatively measly $5,999 – putting it well into […]

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