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PrimeTime Lighting has released a Remote LED Light Kit that has been designed specifically for remote or home broadcast. With the COVID-19 virus forcing a lot of people to remotely film themselves from their homes or offices, there has been a growing need for easy-to-use solutions that help lift the quality. PrimeTime’s Remote LED Light … Continued

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Lupo Kickasspanel Full Color

Lupo has announced the Kickasspanel Full Color LED light. The Kickasspanel is an on-camera light with a ridiculous amount of output. Lupo claims that the light can output 2100 Lux at a distance of 1m (3.3ft). 2100 lx is almost as much output as some 1×1 LED panels on the market. To show you how … Continued

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How to Freeze and Blur Movement With Flash Photography

How to Freeze and Blur Movement With Flash Photography

Flash can be an excellent tool to freeze motion, especially when you are working in the studio or do not have extreme amounts of available light for using ultra-fast shutter speeds. But you can get even more creative results by mixing the freezing power of a flash with a long exposure that captures motion, and this fantastic video tutorial will show you how it is done.

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