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2020 in One Word, According to Adobe

Adobe Photoshop’s social marketing team has a witty sense of humor. Twitter today asked users to summarize 2020 in one word. @Photoshop’s reply: “Masking.”

One response to the Tweet was pretty clever as well:

Well played, Photoshop. Well played.

These 22 “street photography” pictures are just what you need if you are in lockdown

In this gloomy time, I think we all need a bit of laughter, but also a bit of inspiration to start observing the world around us. Hong Kong-based photographer Edas Wong brings humor and street photography together. His “accidental” photos will give you the giggles I’m sure you need, but also motivate you to get […]

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Parody Video Pokes Fun at the Tragically Artistic ‘High School Photographer’

If you need a bit of comic relief on Monday evening, this short parody by YouTuber MasterChiefin1 has you covered. It’s an ode to “the high school photographer,” that one person who “thought they were put on this Earth to take photos and think deeply.” Given our audience, there’s a good chance a few of us were this person.

The video doesn’t need too much by way of introduction. As Jacob (AKA MasterChiefin1) explains:

The High School photographer is the person in high school who thinks they are destined to take great photos and they snap photos of things that they think are deep. They share photography quotes on their Facebook or Instagram and proclaim no one understands them because they are such a deep being and they take photos to express that.

From chain-link, to railroad tracks, to bags drifting in the wind, and more. They act is if they see the world in a different light from the rest of us and they express that through their photos. For a photo speaks a thousand words.

This could honestly apply to any young creative who is apt to cross the line between “artsy” and “insufferable” from time to time. Even calling them “young” is probably a stretch. Regardless, whether you knew someone like this or you were someone like this, check out the full video up top for a quick chuckle.

(via Reddit)

Harry Potter Fans Wait Hours for Pics of Hogwarts Express, Get View Blocked

Harry Potter fans waited for hours on Monday at a train station in Scotland to see and photograph the iconic Hogwarts Express steam train as it passed through. Just as it was rumbling by, however, a commuter train decided to block the view. The “devastating” (yet hilarious) photobomb was captured in this 1-minute video.

Caters reports that this video was shot by 32-year-old Ross Gilmour, who took his family to Drumry Train station in Clydebank on September 28th for the rare chance to see the Hogwarts Express steam engine on its journey from the Highlands.

As you can see in the video, the station’s platforms were crowded with likeminded people holding up cameras and phones in anticipation of the brief passing. Some of the trainspotters had arrived hours beforehand to stake out a good spot.

Unfortunately, only one of the two platforms ended up getting a view of the train — a ScotRail train (the 18.26 to Edinburgh) passed through at exactly the same time from the opposite direction, completely ruining the view for half the attendees. By the time the ScotRail was gone, so too was the Hogwarts Express.

If this type of schadenfreude is your cup of tea, be sure to check out this bus ruining a cameraman’s view of the Georgia Dome implosion in 2017.