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Among Us: Watch 6 Photographers Try to Identify 1 Imposter

With the game Among Us going viral these days, photographer Jessica Kobeissi decided to set up her own kind of secret identity game with social deduction: he invited 6 photographers and 1 imposter to have an online chat to see if the photographers could identify the faker.

You can watch how the game unfolded in the 31-minute video above.

“I thought it would be a fun spin to do it with a bunch of photographers and one impostor — who is pretending to be a photographer!” Kobeissi tells PetaPixel. “Their job is to guess who is not the real photographer. It’s like a giant game of Find the Mole.”

The players in Kobeissi’s game were put in an online chat with fake names and were asked to discuss their answers to a series of questions. For example, Round One had the players answer “How long have you been doing photography?” with one important rule: there would be no “technical talk.”

The 6 photographers and 1 imposter in the online text chat.

At the end of each round, the players were asked to cast a vote for who they believed the imposter was, and whoever had the most votes was kicked out of the game.

The imposter isn’t revealed until after the 28-minute mark at the conclusion of the game, so you can test your deduction skills and see if you can correctly identify the person yourself.

These Free Steam Games Let You Roam Realistic Locations with a Camera

Australian indie game developer Matt Newell has released a new free Steam game called Castle Rock Beach, West Australia. It allows you to freely explore a realistic recreation of Australia’s southwest coast with a camera.

Just check out these screenshots for a taste of how beautiful and photorealistic the immersive world is:

Here’s a 2-minute video showing what gameplay looks like:

The game allows you to explore the world at your own pace while completing casual photography objectives with the in-game DSLR camera.

What’s impressive is that Newell is a full-time engineering student at university who’s doing this game development in his free time. Newell shares that he had experience in photography and color before he started learning to build with Unreal Engine in February 2018.

Newell built the game over 9 months (again, in his free time) by bringing in photoscanned models (of things like plants, rocks, trees), working on lighting/color, and adding interactive elements.

This latest game joins a growing list of locations Newell has released already.

In May 2020, Newell released Wakamarina Valley, New Zealand, which is set in the idyllic forested landscape of the Wakamarina Valley, located near Queen Charlotte Sound on New Zealand’s South Island.

In March 2020, Newell released Mýrdalssandur, Iceland, which focuses on Iceland’s southern coast.

Newell’s first release was in October 2019. Titled Explore Fushimi Inari, the game is a realistic recreation of the renowned Japanese shrine, Fushimi Inari Taisha.

All four games are available on Steam and have VR headset compatibility (though compatibility may cost you a little money). The basic West Australia, Iceland, and Japan games are free, while the New Zealand game costs $4.